What the heck is this?

So, you’ve been thrown back in time. Now what? You can use a calculator but could you make one? What are the rules of a duel? How do you avoid the Black Plague? Can you live off potatoes? Let’s learn together!

This is a speculative look into everything you would need to know to survive anywhere (or anywhen) in history. This is an exploration into science history–sometimes more science, sometimes more history. A science and history blog that explores scientific concepts with practical information about how to recreate and use the techniques described in any time period. The History Survival Guide (or,  A Time Traveler’s Guide to Surviving History) has been updating since July 2019. Each page is the accumulation of research for a particular topic, synthesized and summarized in a useful ‘survival guide’ format.


Who are you?

I am a well-meaning stranger who felt bad about not using my biology degree


How often is this updated?

Once the research is done, usually on Friday.

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Is there an age recommendation/warning?

Science and history are for everyone, so is this


What tools do you use to make this?

Currently, I do all the thumbnailing and organization on my iPad (Procreate) and then I clean it up and add final lettering in Photoshop CC. This website is currently using the Toocheke theme by LeeToo.

In addition, my soul, which I sold to the devil at the crossroads for a good deal on primary sources.


When did you start this?

July 2019 for the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 moon landing


Hey, this page looks a little different than I remember, why is that?

Either you stepped out of sync with your timeline or you found a section I edited. It’s really 50:50.


What is the Supplemental Research section for?

This is where I’m putting any additional information I’ve collected for any given page. Not everything goes into a page, I slim it down for readability, but in case you are curious I thought I’d include even more details (math usually). Think of it as an (even more) nonfiction companion to the text. It isn’t required to read to understand any page.

I’m also including it since I can spend hours on a diagram only for it to take up about as much space as a large stamp or two. The links to the sources I used or a glossary list for the page can be found in the Resources tab.


Who are the Cult of Sanitation/The Control Institute of Standards/CIOS?

Not sure, but the explorer whose guidebook we are borrowing doesn’t seem to care for them


Should I risk my life with this new information?

Please don’t. Learning is its own adventure.


I found a typo/coding error/time wrap?

This website is a work in progress, so thanks for bearing with me.

Email me at: historysurvivalguide@gmail.com


Important Author’s Note: This is for fun, don’t do anything stupid.