What the heck is this?


So, you’ve been thrown back in time. Now what? You can use a calculator but could you make one? What are the rules of a duel? How do you avoid the Black Plague? Can you live off potatoes? Let’s learn together!


This is a speculative look into everything you would need to know to survive anywhere (or anywhen) in history. This is an exploration into science history–sometimes more science, sometimes more history. A science and history blog that explores scientific concepts with practical information about how to recreate and use the techniques described in any time period. The History Survival Guide (or,  A Time Traveler’s Guide to Surviving History) has been updating since July 2019. Each page is the accumulation of research for a particular topic, synthesized and summarized in a useful ‘survival guide’ format


Who are you?


I am a well-meaning stranger who felt bad about not using my biology degree


How often is this updated?


Once the research is done, usually on a Friday. Sometimes a Wednesday. Time is fluid.


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Is there an age recommendation/warning?


Science and history are for everyone, so is this


What tools do you use to make this?


Currently, I do all the thumbnail-ing and organization on my iPad (Procreate) and then I clean it up and add final lettering in Photoshop CC. This website is currently using the Blocksy theme


In addition, my soul, which I sold to the devil at the crossroads for a good deal on primary sources that I store in Zotero


When did this start?


July 2019 for the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 moon landing


Hey, this page looks a little different than I remember, why is that?


Either you stepped out of sync with your timeline or you found a section I edited. It’s really 55:45


Who is the Control Institute of Standards/CIOS/Cult of Sanitation?


Not sure, but the explorer whose guidebook we are…borrowing doesn’t seem to care for them


Should I risk my life with this new information?


Please don’t. Learning is its own adventure


I found a typo/coding error/time wrap or have a topic to suggest?


Email me at: historysurvivalguide@gmail.com


Important Author’s Note: This is for fun, don’t do anything stupid.